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The most efficient method to disinfect
sensitive agriculture produce


Our Mission


Revolutionary System

Our technology produces a fine mist of a formulated disinfecting substance,
through which it is possible to disinfect agricultural produce 


On-site simple operation

No need to transfer to remote facilities for treatment


Low cost

Much more cost-effective. Simple operation and logistics


This whole system is a patent-pending product

which uses a unique disinfecting agent in the form of a dry fog 
and it is the ONLY existing solution
that can address the problem of:


Target Markets


Berries, figs and cherry tomatoes growers.  

Cannabis growers.  

Eggs processing factories.


Disinfecting Sensitive Fruits 

Berries, figs, cherry tomatoes and more

Extend shelf life by at least 50%


Disinfecting Cannabis Flower Buds

Pre & post drying

  • Pre & post drying treatment to enhance the disinfection efficiency

  • The shortest time interval between drying & processing


Sanitizing eggshells


  • Disinfection the eggshell by a cloud of formulated substance

  • No fear of penetration

  • Cost-effective


                              operates in three different markets:

What can                         do?


The dry fog contains droplets ranging size of less than 10 microns carrying the disinfectant.

Our system produces a fine mist of a specially formulated disinfecting substance and delivers it as 'dry fog' into a closed cell structure.

'The cloud'

How does it work?


Our Team

The people behind the scene

Yishai Portrait.jpg

Yishai Freedman

Co-founder & COO 

Vice president of Concept for Pharmacy a privately owned pharmaceutical company founded in 1985. The company specializes in production in Disinfection Agents for various fields.

Has a vast experience in  disinfection of agricultural  & horticultural products and in increasing the Shelf Life of Fresh Produce.

Master in Science Management from Boston University.
Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and International affairs (Bar Ilan University).


Avri Misgav


Participated in four successful company exits.

30 years of executive global experience, including CEO of Netzer Precision Motion Sensors (Automotive sensing); Development Manager at ISCAR,
CEO at Wish On Line Holdings - an incubator for Technologies early stage technologies companies.



Holds a Water & Mechanical Diploma from the Technion.


Rami Golan

Co-founder & CTO

Post Harvest specialist. More than 35 years in Post Harvest research at the Israeli Agricultural R&D stations all over Israel.

Huge experience in extending shelf life of agricultural products.

Consultant to major food companies in Israel and other agricultural firms all over the world.


M.Sc specialized in fruit physiology from the Ben Gurion University

B.Sc. Agr. from the Hebrew University


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