The most efficient method to disinfect
sensitive agriculture produce


What can                         do?

How does it work?

'The cloud'

Our system produces a fine mist of a specially formulated disinfecting substance and delivers it as 'dry fog' into a closed cell structure.

The dry fog contains droplets ranging size of less than 10 microns carrying the disinfectant.


Revolutionary System

Our technology produces a fine mist of a formulated disinfecting substance,
through which it is possible to disinfect agricultural produce 

On-site simple operation

No need to transfer to remote facilities for treatment

Low cost

Much more cost-effective. Simple operation and logistics

Our Mission


This whole system is a patent-pending product

which uses a unique disinfecting agent in the form of a dry fog 
and it is the ONLY existing solution
that can address the problem of:

Target Markets

Disinfecting Sensitive Fruits 

Berries, figs, cherry tomatoes and more

Extend shelf life by at least 50%


Disinfecting Cannabis Flower Buds

Pre & post drying

  • Pre & post drying treatment to enhance the disinfection efficiency

  • The shortest time interval between drying & processing

Sanitizing eggshells


  • Disinfection the eggshell by a cloud of formulated substance

  • No fear of penetration

  • Cost-effective

Berries, figs and cherry tomatoes growers.  

Cannabis growers.  

Eggs processing factories.


                              operates in three different markets:

Our Team

The people behind the scene


Yishai Freedman

Co-founder & COO 

Master in Science Management from Boston University 
Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and International affairs (Bar Ilan University)
A vast experience of international executive management in the fields of executing Business Plans& Projects, specializing in increasing Shelf life of Fresh Produce  

Avri Misgav


Water & Mechanical Engineering, with an MBA. Vast global experience in high-level executive management with a record of 3 Exits. Specializing in global business development

Rami Golan

Co-founder & CTO

 B.Sc.Agr from the Hebrew University & M.Sc specialized in of fruit physiology from the Ben Gurion University.

Post Harvest specialist. More than 35 years of Post Harvest research in the Israeli Agricultural R&D stations all over Israel. Consultant to the main food company in Israel and agricultural firms all over the world.


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